This ECCOMAS Thematic Conference focuses on the multidisciplinary design optimization of aerospace systems, both aircraft and spacecraft. Given the complexity of aerospace design problems and the ever demanding requirements that must fulfilled, the 21st-century aerospace design must necessarily tackle the physical multidisciplinarity present. The current advances in algorithms, design frameworks and computing power make possible the optimization of single component designs up to complex systems. Not surprisingly, there is a growing acceptance of multidisciplinary design and optimization in the Aerospace industry.

This is the second edition, following the successful debut in 2021 where a total of 49 works were presented despite the global pandemic. This conference series aims to bridge the gap between generic major conferences in the Aerospace field (such those by AIAA , ICAS and CEAS) and in Optimization (such as EngOpt, and those by ISSMO or MOS), and offer a focused discussion on optimization applied to Aerospace. It can be regarded as the European counterpart of the AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference.


In AeroBest 2023, the latest developments in multidisciplinary design, analysis, and optimization of aerospace systems, covering both manned and unmanned aircraft and spacecraft, are expected to be presented and discussed.

This thematic conference should provide a place not only to disseminate knowledge but also to foster transnational collaborations involving academia and industry. The program is meant to provide the participants enough time not only to present their work (20-minute slots) but also to network and engage in discussions in technical sessions.